"Pipa" wife, Benedetto, was trying to explain the show that she gave me to her husband

Darío Benedetto was the main thing that was going on. mocking on River fans after receiving the Libertadores Cup at the Santiago Bernabéu. Supporters of the Millionaire They took revenge on the stripper's campaign to Gonzalo Montiel after he was able to get his & her; first goal of the game.

Very stylish, Noelia Pons, the wife of the suicide, his account in the social network Instagram want Responding to those who put Boca's fun and used her husband as "meme".

"Because you're spending it for a game, when it's a son, for a drink, when it's six already. Until you go to the World Cup, it was a bit more than you and he returned with his & # 39; Cup in the hand. As a result, he came to the first place and never had to leave. That's why the Arsenic team is always always, always … the Boca fans can go out, "wrote a football player's partner .

Then he put the bet back: "Don gilada if something is said, tell me, I'll kiss the chicks on the past yesterday, instead of to sign, they remembered they would send me a small message … They still have to win the World Cup and DO NOT remember the stuff that has been destroyed further"Alongside the image there were also ghosts, which remembered the passageway through the B Nacional de River.

Reply Gonzalo Monitel:

At the center of the fair, Darío Benedetto's action movement was consulted by Gonzalo Montiel when he marked Boca's goal and he did not. He prefers to avoid a dispute: "They showed me the video when the game came to an end. The fact is that it was an ugly event, but now we have to devolve ourselves to do it; marks ".

"I send it to my family, to my parents who came to join him, the team and the staff, "he decided the young background, which looked to end his subject.

The memories of Darío Benedetto as prime minister:

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