PlayStation: Nike shoes are based on the PS1 already on the video games sale date

In just a few days you will get the thing Nike PG2.5 x PlayStation Colorway. These shoes are inspired by their first sparkle Sony, and even the professional basketball player Paul George part in design.

" Working with Nike and PlayStation, we have focused on creating an original PlayStation incentive for life in this new design", the game share of Oklahoma City Thunderen on an official website PlayStation.

On December 1, it will be available in the virtual banner shop of a banner. Surprisingly, these shoes have logos PlayStation and PG on the tabs. " We will create the logo of its first PlayStation in four colors. (…) "The garden in the upper front of each boot is to provide the consistency required because it is triggering its shoe", who reads the blog Sony.

If you want to contact you at the time they are sold, you can subscribe the next link of Nike. We reaffirm that they can be purchased from 1 December for everyone.

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