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Publish a picture of Juan Gabriel's body

The controversy about the singer Juan Gabriel continues although he left the world of life on August 28, 2016.

His previous manager, Joaquín Muñoz, was the person who gave a story of the said ferry or the theories that his family made a plan to end his life and, therefore, Juan must "to suffer his death".

But if not all these screens are enough to leave the soul "Juanga" in peace, the Mexican magazine "TV Notes" on the cover of what would be the art of the art , as well as its fingerprints.

The date is clear and safe: Our picture is and the record of how he died, which would throw Muñoz's theory into the ground.

But his friend and former director was bad and says that he was a photograph and was a threat of lawsuit prepared against the environment.

Here you can see the controversial publication:

TV Notes Cover

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