Reduce the cancer risk of cancer through food, what is not beneficial to you?

The most common type of cancer is in men (except skin) in the United States and Europe, where this is the third cause of death after lungs and cultural illness.

In Spain, 18,872 of new cancer prospect cases are detected annually (81.25 cases per 100,000 residents), according to the director of the Department of Urology of San Rafael Hospital in Madrid, the doctor Edilberto Fernández, as well as the head of the Medical Oncology service at the MD Anderson Center in Madrid, Enrique Grande, in Healthy Food & (Books Dome).

In view, with some treatments under discussion for the significant degree of effects, it would be useful to establish a breakdown device that would work on this disease, among which nutritional factors could be found.

"We have identified a series of risk factors that are involved in carcinogenesis of cancer prostain, including age, genitalization, different genetic causes and diet. Private cancer is well related to an advanced age, it seems very rare 40 years and average age looks like Spain 74 years old ", they stress it.

In addition, they show that geological variations are important in the number of cancer prosas all over the world, which they can do with; mean "Some of the bacteria can affect cancer development, play an action place or as a carcinogenesis barrier."

Although they warn that the effects of diet on cancer prostain are currently a question mark, they are Believing that dietary changes in diet should be started at a young age to influence. So, from the side of cancer prevention, they 're going to. maintain, among others, that they are considered to be; affecting cancer and pregnancy:

– Lycopenes, as a result of the free radical antioxidant ability, and the carotenoids, which can be used. Vitamin A is produced. Different studies show a reduction of up to 20% at risk of being able to; suffering from prostate cancer with rich diet in these substances. They can be found in tomato, watermelon, grapefruit and other fruit and vegetables.

– cruciferous vegetables Because many bra, micronutrients (vitamin C, E, and folate) and tochemical materials (carotenoids, phenols, isoavones, isothiocyanates, indoles), have biological activity as anticarcinogens. The number of fruit and vegetables is abundant in relation to a reduction in danger of many cansers. The consumption of high levels of vegetables, especially wheat, such as broccoli and collar, which has a decrease effect on its & the risk of cancer cancer. They can also be found in cares, spirals, garlic, kaws, hedgehogs, barns, blue beds and green asparagus.

– Vitamin E Preparation In some studies, they have seen a decrease in frequency and the death of brutal cancer, although they have shown that they are ineffective in others. It can be found naturally in products such as sunflower seeds, pepper and red pepper pepper, almonds, peunuts, delicious herbs such as basil and oregano, apricots, green olives, spiral, taro anti-sound or hazel nuts.

– SeilidhiumHe has also introduced consistent outcomes as a defensive agent in cancer prose in several studies. In a variety of ways, it displays multi-natural multidisciplinary actions, and & # 39; including antioxidant protection, a carcinogenic metabolism brake, protective protection and cell death. Some studies have reduced the degree of brutal cancer. It can be found in nuts (nuts, hazelnuts), pigeon seeds, vegetables, cucumbers, garlic, asparagus, curries, grain (corn, oats, wheat), fruit, mushrooms, whales, seafood, eggs, milk and derivatives.

– Awareness of vitamin D It is considered that it is a cause of risk to develop cancer prostain, because it has protection activity against carcinogenesis.

– Caffeine and acid acid, active parts of coffee, antioxidant activity. Surveys have shown that men who use caffe regularly have a lower risk of having a & # 39; developing advanced or fatal prostate cancer.

– Welsh Diet, which are now being considered to protect against many types of cardiovascular diseases and diseases, many fruits, vegetables, pasta, including the consumption of measles of wine, and this mix is ​​excellent for praise among the people.

Instead, Factors that are considered are considered; strengthen prostrate cancer:

-Calcium, because it erases its & # 39; Compensation of vitamin D, which prevents the neoplastic prostatic cells. It also increases the blood levels of a specific hormone that is favorable to growing wilderness and has been associated with a greater risk of cancer prostain. The increase is at a low risk and occurs in the enhancement of milk products, where blended enlargement in certain arrogant and centralized changes has been achieved. Milk, milk products and eggs are full of calcium.

– Sinc It could take part in a & # 39; disrupting stripless cervical cells and preventing the infection of illness. Long-term zinc absorption is particularly remote or as part of multivitamin-related provisions associated with increased risk of cancer prostain. It can be found in cocoa, watermelon seeds, lamb, oysters, peunuts, pumpkin seeds, butter, grain liver, wheat.

– Rich fat diet The risk of cancer may increase. The greater risk of this is likely to include a large amount of the amount; acid alpha-linolenic acid and the amount of acid linolenic, which is a mixture of; occur in red meat and some milk products. Obese patients have a higher risk of cancer prostain. So fat and fat fat animals and butter should be avoided in the diet.

– Meat is one of the main carbads, so it is difficult to make a difference between the relationship between the meat and the level of lock. High-temperature cooking meat produces carcinogenic impact products. In addition, N-nitroso companies are created in a single way or from conservationists added to beefed meat, also with carcinogenic capacity and free radicals from material that is used. including iron. So the number of red and modified meat is associated with a major risk of cancer prostain, and especially prostate cancer and prostate.

– Improvements with folic acid They are associated with higher cancer of bruised cancer. Green vegetables, fruit, grain, nuts and meat are full of this product.

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