Responding to Huawei after arresting a post-president

MADRID, Spain. – In the last few months, different governments, with the United States in the forefront, have expressed concerns about Beijing's information through the materials and equipment made by Huawei, and thus affecting national security. For a point Donald Trump will not ban any member of his or her government from being arrested. get a mobile phone with a Chinese logo. A decision that has reduced the development of Huawei in the United States, which, despite this, has given Apple as a world-class smartphone maker in the second world.

This difficult situation for the company has been aggravated by the news made by Canada Wednesday about being held in Vancouver by Meng Wanzhou, financial director of Huawei, Chinese technology and daughter of a founder. company, on December 1 to be & # 39; Breach seems to have been regulated by the United States of Iran. His arrest has strived to challenge the tough relationships between the United States and Beijing, which have just stopped trading war.

But a Chinese technology company is binding to extend much longer. Last week, Australia and, shortly before, New Zealand impeded the use of Huawei's equipment in the development of a new generation of communication infrastructure and, in particular, of a 5G mobile phone network. A Chinese company is leading the technological development of the world in this area but the countries want to have a Chinese system; using its companies in the work of Cyber ​​spirit, both at business and state level. The Canberra government also impeded ZTE China.

Japan and South Korea also explore Huawei's work in the " end. The US's anticons of Huawei's activity have spread to Tokyo. The Japanese government has decided that this company and ZTE close public procurement because the security of the two companies has been convicted of the two companies, according to a number of local media and Efe a & # 39; gather. The sweep should be due to doubts about the independence of the two companies and their links with the Chinese Government.

If the measure is determined, Japan would come together with the United States, Australia and New Zealand in the & # 39; A block of countries that incorporated part of China's largest Chinese national security business, especially in the use of mobile transmission networks in the fifth generation (5G)

There are several European countries, with the United Kingdom and Germany. destination, seeking to reach an agreement for the European Commission to investigate a foreigner investor that has a " take place in a technological and structured technological range. A campaign that aims to implement the agreement is by foreign investor in areas such as health, air, media and, indeed, technology and China is a prime objective, although it is not clear; name

In the United Kingdom, British Telecom is just named on Wednesday that it will eliminate the Huawei device already in its 3G and 4G networks in the next two years.

Both in London and Berlin plan the radio spectrum for 5G networks being sold next year and there is a focus on Huawei's impediment to this new development; grow every day. Last summer, the German Ministry of Economy continued for legal change with the government being able to buy barriers with companies outside the EU of shares of more than 15% in areas such as protection, technology or some primary- structure considered necessary. However, China's company has just set up a laboratory in an information security base that is similar to targeting this type of suspicion. The cost of the planned investment can only reach the 5G network of 80,000 million in Germany.

The development of 5G networks will identify the next global technological wave. The mobile subsidiary infrastructure in the fifth generation promotes downloading speed between 10 and 20 times faster than today, larger coverage and more sustainable links.

(Originally published in El País)

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