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revealed its most important features

There is not much left for it Redmi Note 7 Pro A telephony is completely official, but until that time, there are new developments in this regard. It is known that information that knows the different interesting things that appear different. We will show you what this device will give.

The fact is that the data is totally complete, and comes from the Chinese certification group (known as TENAA), so you do not have to expect between known hardware. The fact is to reach the Redmi Note 7 Pro with dimensions 159.2 x 75.1 x 8.1 millimeters and, in what you need to do with the weight, this will reach 186 grams. Unless to get to & # 39; best market, it is appropriate to what you can expect for a model is ready in metal and glass that does not lack a reader's footprints on her; behind.

The official Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is: 48 meadapixel camera and great devolution

Redmi Note 7 Pro has specific data about the key hardship. On the one hand, RAM is available in three versions (3, 4 or 6 GB), as long as storage is & # 39; reaching the same number of options: 32, 64 and 128 gigas –expand by using microSD cards. In what to do with the spyware, there is no hard data on a & # 39; SoC module, but the one who is eight 2 GHz function chord and frequency It responds to what was expected: a Snapdragon 660 from Qualcomm.

Pro Redmi Note 7 telephones

Redmi Note 7 Pro features are more recognizable features

The first thing is to give the terminal screen an idea 6.3 inches With Full HD + (2,340 x 1,080), it equates to 19.5: 9. Indeed, the face use will be over 80%, from which the Redmi Note 7 Pro will be introduced type of waterfall. On the way, there is good information about the airports that is in addition to the usual connection, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, as well will have a pocket header and a bundle.

The main camera that will be included in the Redmi Note 7 Pro will also be included, and this will include two notifications. The main one 48 Mpx, which makes you attractive, and the second element goes down 13 megapixels, and will be used to get more information when you take pictures (important for zooming and, in fact, to use bokeh's impact). Important information: there will be a mobile phone system Android bit and there will be a charge at the Product 3,900 mAh with support for fast loading.

Pro Redmi Note 7 data in TENAA

While I'm & # 39; Waiting for the official news to come to phone, which will happening February 28, does not know what price it may have to have a & # 39; airport. But the colors as it is sold: black, blue, pink, green, red, white, green and purple. What do you think about the Redmi Note 7 Pro?

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