Sailing too much increases the risk of death

A new study published in the European Heart Journal & # 39; has decided that death risk from cardiovascular diseases is higher in people who sleep more than six to eight hours a day. Those who regularly live more than 10 hours per day 41% are more likely to suffer heart attack or stroke.

However, scientists recognize that not retroactivity ratio, since so far they are not proven if these problems are overwhelmed by sleep or if those diseases that look forward increase the need for sleeping.

In addition, the study shows that the risk is & # 39; increase for people who use them take a step during the day, despite sleep enough at night. The other day, too, can be due to tiredness that is associated with a particular illness that can cause disease by time.

In the research they have taken more part than 100,000 people aged 35 to 70 from 21 different countries. The researchers followed their medical records for an average of 7.8 years.

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