Santiago Bike will launch a updated and updated bicycle system. offers new resources to users

Every day it is better for more people to work out and maintain healthy life. This focus is due to increased awareness of health and the environment. There is another reason that there are more fidelity options for that way of life, such as the rented "bicycle" system. This Bike Santiago, the engineer in these types of services, provided a new bike fleet. Among their new interests, they display a new technology that will help you to. improve their work and maintain.

In an activity held at the Plaza de Armas in Santiago, where there were seabirds from the 14 societies in which he was present, A total reconstruction of the Santiago Bike to establish 80 new stations in Santiago Centro, Providencia and the Bicentenario Park department in Vitacura. With an investment of 12 million dollars, 350 stations and 3,500 bicycles will be introduced as a new transport exchange, and helping streets; town.

"We give Chile the best part of shared booths, so that users have a good knowledge of the public transport system, thus enhancing the knowledge and confidence of the user by Bike Santiago, "said Tomás Martins, Chief of Tembici.

In terms of the confidence of the product, we must remember that their company has previously suffered severe criticism from their users for their difficulties with the system of collection and the quality of the service. On the other hand, the debts owned by the company had been in & # 39; end of the Santiago Bike. But last July, Tembici, a leading Brazilian company in urban transit services in Latin America, bought 100% of the company until it made the rental system for cycling to date.

Connected transport system

Inauguration Bikesantiago Group One

"EIt is a great help, both for the resident and visitor. We are proud to participate in this campaign, as we give it to the neighbors where our neighbors live. We support sustainable transport, which is available to users of all ages, also be environmentally friendly, "said Santiago's high priest, Felipe Alessandri.

Another man who was happy to go to. reaching more stations, the Independencia warden, Gonzalo Durán, "this means that more neighbors can access this friendly, adventurous transportation system and our Ciclovías Plan , improving people's quality of life and independence independence today is a more joined-up and unified society in movement of movement ".

In addition, lThe PBSC Urban Solutions technology is at bicycles and stations, which are present in other countries such as Canada, the United States, Spain, France, England and Brazil. These are designed to get better levels Deer, quality, comfort and sustainability that minimize maintenance needs.

To make use of this new system, everyone, including active users of the system, must register again via the official website, not in the new Itaú Bureau App is available in the App Store and Google Play. This updated app, which implements its & # 39; registration in less than half the system's time, is more interesting and informative to users, and it will be necessary to use this new stage of Santiago Bike.

At the time of registration, current users will receive a code to confirm the time they have received before the technology has changed.

Rent plans

Daily Passport 2,990; monthly, 6,300; the semester, 30,990 and the year, 59,900. The free time will be 30 minutes, except for the annual plan that is & # 39; stretching an hour. Finally, the extra costs per minute will be 17 pesos and for those with 10 pesos annually.

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