Saudi Arabia would be splitting for blackmailing Jeff Bezos to break his phone

A detailed investigation by a consultant appointed by Jeff Bezos, indicated that Saudi Arabia had an important role to play.

A new program in the scandal would take the show off the madness by publishing its close-up films to Jeff Bezos to a new level. Apparently, What started as a result of becoming the theme of international politics that included a number of US media and even the Saudi Arabia own monarchy..

As we know, Jeff Bezos separated from his wife MacKenzie in January this year. He was called a tabloid newspaper National Inspector Who was responsible for sharing the story that the barrel had been unkind to the journalist Lauren Sánchez. This caused Bezos and the media to exchange criticism and even threats.

The case had remained at that stage until recently. Bezos did not want to sit the statue and decided to visit one of the most effective security advisers in the United States, Gavin De Becker. His decision was not random, because this man made a remarkable journey across the FBI, the CIA and even in Ronald Reagan. As if not enough, he has known him for more than 20 years.

That's why he asked De Becker to explore the interests that were involved in publishing the story. A big study came to take the matter to the other side of the world: according to the consultant, Saudi Arabia would be the back of the scandal. So, what we do will review everything that happened as De Becker explained in The Daily Beast:

What has happened so far?

January National Inspector He published a magazine on the relationship between Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez. Shortly afterwards, the media player was paid as a store: Michael Sánchez. This man was nothing more and nothing less than the journalist's brother. Although this may be reasonable, it is suspicious that the newspaper will make such a store of such ease.. The name seems to have been given for a cause.

The suspicion arose when the survey showed that the National Enquirer knew of his relationship before contacting Sánchez. The only issue was that the media revealed that it had been contacted by the media and not on the other side. Bezos indicated that the National Auditor wanted to attack under his political interests.

The answer came straight away and he became quite aggressive. In a blog, the Amazon creative creator reported he had received threats from AMI, the company he owns National Inspector. According to him, he has been given a statement in which he should publicly say that the press, as a result of the media, had not had a political commitment or that it was influenced by external forces.. If they don't meet the demands, they published a series of close-up tours of their adventure by Sánchez.

Jeff Bezos was not expected to present a public risk. The agent made it clear that he was not going to take part in the blackmail – despite the personal cost and shame it may be. He then asked De Becker to bring his research to a close as soon as possible.

Taken from the other side of the world

Finally, De Becker ended with a decision based on what he had gained with his network of contacts: t

Our inspectors and several experts concluded with the overwhelming confidence that the Saudis had access to the Bezos telephone and received private information.. As now, it is not clear what level, if any, AMI were aware of the details.

Why did they do so? One of the reasons for Jeff Bezos's relationship with The Washington Post. Being the largest shareholder, someone who is not enjoying his books would be interested.

We know for sure that the media have been examining controversial murder since last October. This is the death of Jamal Khashoggi, one of the most important journalists of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's government in Saudi Arabia. The reporter was killed and taken over by a consulate in Istanbul.

In contrast, AMI also has good relationships with Mohammed Bin Salman. Indeed, since the last year the group has had a Saudi propaganda company The New Kingdom. With this in mind, Bezos and his team are not surprised that he started a smell of resistance.

How will this story take place? We'll see in the future the appearance of this.

Mohammed Bin Salmad

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