Scannal in England: prosecutor makes the election to fight in a Football bar

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Archive | Glyn Kirk | Agence France Presse

Jordan Pickford he was one of the English team members in the last World Cup in Russia in 2018, where the British were ranked fourth behind France, Croatia and Belgium.

The gamekeeper was involved in a Southgate team for his big savings, despite his youth. But now we have a 25-year-old gamekeeper on the English media front because of a totally different situation from his experience in mid-2018 in Russia.

The archer would be recorded as he was carrying on a bar fight in Sunderland, his city. The player would have gone to the Sunderland Park Lane area after being nicknamed the town, where Pickford lost his heart in Portsmouth on Sunday.

While the video lasts a few seconds, you will see who whom Pickford aims to be in the middle of the fight with a white lunch and even though the people who were surprised thought it would be really the English team visitor.

According to Everton, his team made it clear: "The club was told about taking part in an event that was involved in an event and we look at the subject, "According to The Sun.

Recall that Jordan Pickford on Saturday defeated Everton against West Ham United Manuel Pellegrini 2-0 in London.

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