Scientists search for hidden divisions in our brain (Video)

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Sometimes it's like that human body He had already been examined as a whole, but even cornerstones can even have some boundaries. An scientists Analyzing every time our behavior is organism and so find other unexpected places. While you are & # 39; play a atlas of the brain, find these investigations a new section that has not been previously seen and not present in other prime ministers.

The responsibility is George Paxins, brain researcher and correspondent at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA). The brain division was named Nucleus Endorestiform and it is close to its collaboration a backbone. Although he is now capable of seeing in an image, the professor believed that he was alive for more than 30 years ago.

It can be like that that makes us so special people.

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When we talk about it special features of people in front of monkeys, for example, not just looking at the shape of their & # 39; body but also brain size. This is new brain division He is not present at Rhesus mosaics, who also studied their bricks. It is probably that area that makes us different from other species, accordingly Pax: "This section could be a great deal for people as well as ours brain larger size ».

Due to the location of the brain where it is, there may be a connection to the area motor activity, to the balance and position. It could mean progress in the fight against such diseases Parkinson. In fact, the brain atlas of these scientists are already used in pharmacy and for research, so this will come to expand the existing information.

The search was published in the science book Human Brainstem: Classification, Chemoarchitecture, Myeloarchitecture. Its developments still contribute to & # 39; surveying birdworts and surgery, and mapping brain connections, an important goal in the last century.

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