She used fast water for nasal wash and killed amoeba comeerebros – News Ya

(NEW NEWS) .-There was a woman in Seattle who had a nasal yarn with tap water. A year later, she died for amoeba eating a brain, recited this week in the Journal International of Disease Diseases.

According to CNN information, the 69-year-old was a non-donated name Continuous gun disease. For a month he tried to get rid of it using a Neti pot, a home remedy to wash the paranasal, but used a quick water instead of a & # 39; using tight water, as recommended.

Netty potatoes are used to pour salt in one mesh and from the other side to clear the sinks, usually to get the # 39; fight with advertisements or diseases.

According to the doctors who were dealing with their & # 39; woman, the water in her main machine was a & # 39; used to include an amoeba diet that can cause rare rarely, called Balamuthia mandrillaris.

Once and in the body, Amoeba himself worked down and gave his life.

Initially, he developed a red hair, badly built on a nose bridge. The doctors thought it was a bug and a prescribed antibiotic debts, but that did not give up respite.

Over a year, ask the dermatologists to diagnose. Then, the left of the woman's body started to bend and she got a weak attack.

CT survey adversely affected his brain that he could have a tumor and his brain was getting worse.

Terrorism grew and new behavior began to grow; appear.

A medical mediator at the Swedish Medical Center opened his skull to examine her brain and found out that she was converted by herbs, the media said.

The Centers for Controlling and Changing Diseases (CDC) introduced the anti-amoeba miltefosina drug to Seattle to try to save the lives of women, but it fell into a cough and died.

Most of the cases of Balamuthia are not directly tested before death or after death, so doctors do not have much knowledge of amoeba treatment, the CDC said.

Doctors expect to have a & # 39; Your case is to let other doctors know that you should consider amoeba disease if the patient has a disease or love on the nose after burning the sinuses.

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