Six Slaughterhouses and Lots are illegally captured by a & # 39; catching sardines and anchoveta National

Six ships Colonel and Dot they were amazed work illegally The sardine and anchoveta resources, with the amount that reach 200 tons. Indeed, two of them had already been sent to the Courts, but they recovered the same crime.

This Friday morning, researchers found the National Fishing and Water Service (Sernapesca) inspectors of Bío Bío along with members of the Navy, these boats of two groups of artifacts, to capture the species illegally named, They fulfilled the amount that was answered for this year.

Depending on what was reported by the service, more than ten days ago they were told that their quota was closed and that was there is no other fishing balance available, Despite this, they continued to work in the illegal fishing operations, in fact, two of them were nominated to a public body last year for the same break.

In this opportunity, for the illegal they attended Five waves against three of the amazing boats and the position of the remaining three is under review, according to the national director Sernapesca, Alicia Gallardo.


In the same line, the fishing authority indicates that it is in the area 68 groups of craft fisheries that are designated for intruding, and there are only two boats involved in these illegal catches, which adversely affects its & # 39; Most of them who correspond to the law and his / her; Respecting quota quotes to protect the resilience of the resource.

From the Regional Alliance of Artisanal Fishermen (Ferepa) they consider that the conversation in this situation is strengthened, since the same group He asked the Company last year to investigate the money waste that was happening in the Lota district and Coronel.

His president, Hugo Arancibia, said he believes that this is a " due to Sernapesca's horrible survey in these communities. Also, recognizing that there are situations in threats but he says that there are makers working in fishery organizations.

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In the disciplinary work the purse seats with which they were caught were caught, Those who were hunted to stop them being used again.

The second season of catching sardine and anchovy is still run in Bío Bío sea waters, which is according to the weekly assessment by the authority According to the reports of your / her biomass Fisheries Development Institute.

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