Smokers who hire their own cigarettes, who are not willing to extinguish. News from Gipuzkoa

Smokers who miss their cigarettes are less likely to disappear, according to a new study by University College London (UCL).

MADRID The research, published in & # 39; BMJ Open & # 39; and funded by Cancer Research UK, found that only 15.9% of smokers had removed their own cigarettes were encouraged to stop smoking, compared to 20.3% of those who smoked the cigarettes. who smoked factory cigarettes.

The study has found that the main reason is why the people who smoke have not been thinking about being in a position; eliminating a relatively inexpensive cost of these products compared to factory cigarettes.

Although the average daily volume of cigarettes with consumers of hard tobacco was similar to those who smoke factory feathers, they just did not; Half the amount of smoking per week costs (14.33 pounds against 26.79 for buying cigarettes). packages).

"Smokers are always talking about price as one of the main causes to stop smoking. With remote toys, which offer a lower cost option to factory cigarettes, their users can continue to smoke and, therefore, have no desire to stop smoking, "explaining the author of the study, Dr. Sarah Jackson, from the Epidemiology Institute and UCL Healthcare.

The survey was carried out over nine and a half years, from November 2008 to March 2018, using Smoke Machine Support Analysis, a continuous monthly monitoring of smokers in England. The data was issued with more than 38,000 adults in England who were currently smoking or who had stopped smoking in the past year.

Over half (56.3%) of the smoked cigarettes reported that they were smoking but factory cigarettes, compared to a third (36.6%) that was a smoke smoking only.

"This is a major impact on tobacco control policy, as it is an important strategy that governments around the world can reduce tobacco to increase taxes on this product to increase the cost of smoking , "a & # 39; giving the doctor a warning. .

However, Cancer Research UK's tobacco controller Kruti Shrotri says: "Seals of seals are much cheaper, so it's not surprising that smokers who use them are so incredible to stop it Smoking the cigarettes. They use factory cigarettes, so they have to build taxes on tobacco delivery to make their prices to factory cigarettes to help them to do so, Encouraging smokers to stop them, regardless of the type of tobacco they use. "

On the same lines, Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of Smoking and Health (ASH), says "the clear evidence: the opportunity for a cheaper tobacco type makes it more likely to stop smoking smokers. The main reasons why there are more factories in a factory are more expensive than the fees. The large increase of those fees to eliminate this difference would be useful in preventing the consumption of constraint and at the same time. Increase its collection ".

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