Some natural patterns may help to find out how to spread cancer

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MADRID, December 7 (MAIN EUROPA) –

There are distinctive patterns found in natural elements such as trees, rivers, coasts, mountains, clouds, snowflakes and streams that show or go; promised the fractal regulations. Fractal is a descriptive of many stories about how they grow up, according to a team of researchers from the Viterbi Engineering School at Southern California University (USC, for English).

In this case, fractal patterns can also help to & # 39; explains how control of insulin definition indicates glucose regulation of blood or how a cancer can be; spread in the body and the appropriate tools to stop it.

Current mathematical mathematics can not adequately model the operation of several genera in different time frames, an essential basis for any drug that is available. suffering from poor treatment. The study, published in Frontiers in Physiology & # 39; by Mahboobeh Ghorbani, Edmond Jonckheere and Paul Bogdan from the Department of Electric Engineering Ming Hsieh, the first one who explains memory, dependence and fractality of a generation.

Generation is a generational generation that allows cell to respond to the changing environment. It also allows the data stored in the DNA to flow into a complex biology system. Without a generation, there would be no cell.

Unfortunately, according to Torbani, the modules currently "based on non-linear consonants" which show what gene "depend on a particular disease, but not how these generations interact ". So, "the problem with the modules is already the only part of the network," he says.

The researchers established the original foundations, describing the fundamental features of these mathematical tools are still to be developed. Gorbani created the software to analyze the generation of generation to generation in two livelihoods, E. coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Their findings show not only memory in the hearing of a generation, but also the expression gene is a n; shows fractal properties and long-range intersection within genes interaction.

If the world appears to be a fractal, a & # 39; Continuous change in a flexible pattern, there is probably a fractal structure in many things in nature. In addition, independence can explain how two cancer cells work together in one type, but kill each other in another. No how do scientists can play a tumor cell to kill their own. It is remembered that allows you to see DNA as a program, a set of instructions that always confirms each other.

Analyzing dynamics expression generates an opportunity for us to understand the devices and patterns that have biological organisms, "according to Torbani. This knowledge helps both scientists and engineering, from "it can be used to detect a riot or disease." Then, you can plan "cells to make specific tasks, such as the management of drugs for cancer treatment," said the expert.

When scientists produce treatment for a particular disease, they can not take care of genetic behaviors, but how it interacts with another gene at different times. On the other hand, they handle only one local weakness.

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