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Spotify says enough and send a formal complaint to the European Commission which is blocking Apple from being the

A new legal beginning is opening in Europe for Apple. Spotify has lodged a formal complaint against the company to the European Commissionsays that the 30% it will spend on those payments made by some abusive third party services and the guarantee that an "unfair disadvantage" will be achieved for its own services such as Apple. t Music.

The Director of Spotify, Daniel Ek, has revealed that this formal complaint is through a public letter on the official service website. Then Daniel refers to other services such as Uber or Deliveroo, which do not have to pay a percentage of the payments they receive through their applications for iOS.

Siri or Apple Watch: Spotify did not lose patience with Apple's amphitheater

With that comparison on the board, Daniel praises Apple put competitors as Spotify at risk. As they pay 30% of the money they have to pay for Cupertino subscribers, they are required to raise the subscriptions of their subscriptions, or wait less for less than cash from subscribers. use of iOS.

Spotify seems to have been just communicating with Apple to try to reach agreement with them, but the debates should not have come about. So Spotify now uses the formal letters of complaint to the European Commission, in which he allows them to add to the barriers with Apple banning Spotify in iOS: t -service can't unite with SiriAnd he's had many problems with the App Store to launch his Apple Watch application.

To display this disagreement, Spotify is on a website that TimeToPlayFair publishes in which it mentions "resisting the Apple competition". From this the European Commission decide whether it starts to carry out an investigation from this formal complaint, an investigation that Apple may be punished if Apple decides that Apple will not be heated effectively.

It can also happen, in fact, that Apple and Spotify can reach a bilateral agreement before the end of that inspection. This is currently restricted to the European Union because Spotify has main offices in Stockholm, but the company has already warned that t this might extend this legal complaint to other international organizations across Europe.

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