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"Some research has shown that there are cells in the blood that burns with a bone that produces profits that represent neurons, which will help to create new connections between them," said Ojeda.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines serious self-contained problems as a group of settings that are marked with some concern in social behavior, communication and language, and with a limited range of factors and actions. repeat

It is not thought of autism as a disease, but a situation that affects 1% of the world's population.

The Ministry of Health estimates that there are almost 95,000 children in Mexico between zero and four years with ASD.

This is a brain situation that will affect the behavior, interaction and learning of who it is.

"What is now known is that there are patterns in some genres that are repeated in patients with autism, as well as failure to control the protection system, brain or intermittent inflammation. differences in the patient's brain structure. " said Ojeda.

The complexity of the effects caused by this fragrance has been so complex that there is general remedy; However, American researchers have hoped to find autism treatment, with no remedies.

Autism affects 40 out of every 10,000 people,
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"It has been proven long ago that cell cells, under certain terms, can release discharges, called neurotrophic factors, which encourage some effects in neurons and the strange system," explained the specialist.

But he said, this does not mean that the cells are grow neurons, but "they will add signs so that the neurons can function and enhance or create new connections, which may help to develop the baby's brain, "he said.

The most recent research in this regard is that American scientists from the Duke's Center for the Autism and Brain Audit, which provided cell cells for 25 children aged between 2 and 5 years old, tested by ASD, and subsequently valued by tests related to their behavior

The cells used for this study from the blood of inflammatory childhood with ASD were that parents had decided to prevent them from storage.

"What is done is that through steps in, these cells will be donated as if they were seamless and through the signs that the jeans will make have made a link between them, "said the expert, who has a masters degree in Technology in Cellphone in the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

He explained that this experimental remedy is trying to stimulate the movement, expansion and creation of new natural science connections that allow us to develop the better engine, which will completely depend on its symptoms and so bad & is the disorder.

Photograph: El País Archive
Photograph: El País Archive

This means hope because today the cure "is currently revived, healing, but that does not try to preserve as much improvement as we do in exams clinical ".

This is what he said, just one example of the research carried out by cells from the stunning tree that attempts to find better handling options.

He also stressed that this medicine remains in the research step to generate safe, effective and recurrent behavior without serious adverse effects.

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