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Students take both of the Chilean U for harassment and abuse

From Wednesday morning the University of Chile's Chemistry and Medicine Faculty is hosted by a group of students, who refuse a series of harassment and abuse scenarios from four teachers who are keeping up their work despite being summarized.

In particular, one of the situations identified from the worst of these It is from a teacher that they may be aware of students without permission through their social networks to allow users to measure who they have done.

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“We're talking about photos that have been taken without university agreement, as much is known, Quimifonda ;, with a clear intention of bringing together the body of the merger and considering t (…) Students and helpers say who is the donkey, someone else says that I know. Professor Julio de la Fuente asks who the owner is, and someone answers the name IA (Food Engineering), if I remember the name I am telling him. that he is free from his bouquet; "he said." Catalina Castillo, a spokesperson for the move.

Photo: ATON

Photo: ATON

Conversely, the president of the festival, Karla ToroHe criticized the university's allegations on the charges and confirmed that "the Vivaldi legislator had not kept his word within a year of placing his worker."

In that case, on the morning of this Friday, t Carmen Andrade, above the Equal Opportunities Office, they called for the implementation of a Unit which deals with sexual harassment and labor and discrimination.

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This same organization is woven with two expert lawyers who strive for the release in the survey house, t there are currently around 97 cases.

Andrade explained that the procurator fiscal in that unit will be able to deal with some of the student's requests, as to whether or not to proceed to the periphery of their work or that a pupil accused of harassment or sexual abuse, which is currently the responsibility of the dean of faculty, should be avoided.

"If we don't have different organisms, it's very likely that these situations continued," he said.

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