Ten people were stealing three jewelry blocks from La Moneda

Just over 30 million stolen on a Monday of a group of at least 10 people, brutally embedded Gabor jewelry, based on Calle Moneda, height 890, three and a half blocks from La Currency.

According to the site's proprietor, Mauricio Infante, the subjects into vehicles, quickly and slowly moved; frighten the jewelery's staff, to continue to break the exhibitions with strong elements, to steal different species, including jewelry and watches.

The disaster of this contamination disappeared, there was a motor-engineer that was in a position; go with the robbers, and shut the way to the cars that went down with Money, and so two others, but from the pavement, and # 39; restricting the traveling of the pedestrians.

"It was like a Sabbath," said Infante.

This case is in the hands of the PDI, which has already found two vehicles that took part in this fact in the Huechuraba society, those who had been charged for theft.

Similarly, the review cameras of the commercial center have already been requested as well as those found on public roads.

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