Tesla accelerates its factory building in China

The local newspaper China Daily today said that the Shanghai Government and its own company have confirmed that the construction work of the Shanghai Gesfactory 3 Tesla is go faster than expected.

The American car company Tesla accelerates the construction of its "mega factory" in China and will begin to go to # 39; Carry out some of the vehicles in the second half of the next year, much earlier than the schedule.

Today's local newspaper China Daily said that both the Shanghai Government, where the factory and the company founded by Elon Musk have confirmed that the construction work of the Shanghai Gigafactory 3 Tesla is more faster than anticipated principle

According to the original estimates, it was expected that it would take about two years for the Shanghai plant to start to & # 39; doing, and then two or three years before reaching the highest rate of 500,000 vehicles per year.

Last October, its car company confirmed its name to an agreement to protect the land for the last 50 years. left to build their first factory outside the United States.

Shanghai Government in social networks identified that the extent of the land is complete and that the work is about to begin.

This factory allows Tesla to accelerate its expansion plans in the largest electricity car market in the world, where it has reached 777,000 units to sell and sell. Over one million this year, according to the Chinese Car Dealers' Association.

The land found in the Lingang area, an area that the Government believes for the development of new and powerful energy vehicles with more than 20 car makers and equipment parts.

At this time, Tesla includes all the cars he / she is going to; sold in China from the United States, so a factory in China will reduce travel costs and deposits.

It will be able to compete with greater benefits against national bodies such as the BYD Auto and BAIC Group, which in recent years have established themselves as head of the region in a country where the Government encourages Purchase of the type of vehicle as a strategy for combating high levels of pollution.

Last May, Tesla announced the opening of a subsidiary company in Shanghai that was involved in the research and development of electric cars, exploiting the opening of the equipment department in the country.

At the beginning of the year, the government identified constraints, so that foreign makers do not need to work more cooperatively.

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