Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Tesla's independent car runs over a Russian robot

Everything was an accident. This video is a smile.

Devolution driving roles show that they are here to stay. But those systems they are far from right. They can kill any mortal, and apparently, also any device.

This fun event, as expected, happened in Las Vegas during events Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019.

As reported by The Daily Mail, a Russian Promobot independent robot was a singer in drovers, on the way to the floor of the show.

But with some offenses the self-removal was erased and finished in a car park. There, George Boiler, who is the owner of the latest Tesla model; They decided to try the moving drives for the first time.

Everything was like safe, as there were no people in the parking car. So Georgie turned on the pilot and enjoyed the trip.

Until the Tesla came to find a Russian robot. As expected, he ran over and threw it to the ground.

An Modal S It seems that Tesla was totally disturbing the robot. Since the destructive damage would be crucial to repairing.

The security camera took the whole event. And we can see the disaster as scarce as you think.

But it was enough to confirm that the Tesla system is still 100% reliable.

If we do not live in the apocalypse against robots.

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