The Abortion Action Table says the failure of the TC is beneficial to the private

The Action Card for Injury in Chile opposed the present day outside the construction of its Constitutional Court (TC), where they expressed the decision that rejected a rule of complaints -contently, telling that this amount is a & # 39; private gains and clinics.

The move, which includes some countries such as Maite Orsini and Camila Vallejo, says the TC's failure is restriction of women's freedom, preventing the State's duty to be & # 39; promises benefits.

Human Rights

Ana Piquer, director of Amnesty International and director of the Enforcement Operations Bureau in Chile, said that there is no basis for establishment co-operatives in human rights protection systems. "People are not aware, not organizations," he said.

Finally, ask her & # 39; a body on the State to respect the law agreed by democratic decisions such as Transport, and also emphasize that private health centers that receive public donations can not be consistent challengers and need respond to state qualifications.

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