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The actual number of staff that was issued should be in order of 450

"We are aware that these measures can be married, but we have a duty to bring the company forward," said the company in a statement.

MeThere is still a number of Magellanic staff that are not currently included in the National Petroleum Company (Enap), following the launch of a state-owned company board this week to plan the removal -with the administration that will affect 10% of the signature's implementation.

As marked by La Prensa Austral in the pre-yesterday's schedule, on September 2017, the company's levels were made up of 3,324 active, non-active and cross-appealing plans – distributed in the national subsidiary companies Enap Santiago (286), Ersa Aconcagua (837), Enap Magallanes (1,248), Ersa Biobío (791); Ersa Dao (99) and Sipetrol (63), while the number is & # 39; reaching 425 co-workers in the international, Argentina (262); Ecuador (129) and Egypt (34). The two blocks consist of 3,749 people as co-contributors.

In this way and taking a & # 39; The amount allocated has been estimated, the number of claims would be estimated to be around 400 people. However, from the union he established during the past day that the absolute figure would be in the order of the 450 officers lost.

In addition, it was known that the employee's senior status was found among the criteria established by the administration for the initiation of the process; the need or not to maintain a regulatory status that does not have enough staff under his or her order; duplication of appointments and re-engineering of medical permissions, among other elements.

Enap argues:
& # 39; Bad results & # 39;

In relation to a question, published its & # 39; a statement company in which it does not detail the number of disputes that have been judged – so they do not know what distribution would appear – if the arguments forward to a decision. "As the company has told staff and also in public, Enap has seen his productivity to become worse due to the sharp effects in the international inter- nationally, as well as a huge increase in raw oil prices that have promoted higher costs production. There is also a steady level of law, higher than the generation of its company facilities, "said he. company.

Similarly, the document states that the information that is currently stated in the state is broadcast – with the commitment of the administration – for its staff; company, in a cross-cutting and precise way, so that they are aware of the sad facts that are currently. "So we work on every side to overcome this wonderful situation. As part of this effort, we will plan to reduce the cash deficit, cost reduction and Investigation deposits, without constraining the operational continuity and safety of our resources. We are also looking to implement every effort to increase productivity; company. "

Proportion of
costs and contributions

In addition, Enap explained that the vision for the next year indicates that this effort should be in a & # 39; Charging forward in different business areas of the company. For this reason, the best need to come as a fundamental requirement and as part of the initiatives that are in the process of becoming a fundamental requirement. try it, a change plan will be analyzed by the company in terms of its implementation, which is the words of an oil company: "along with other measures, allowing to improve efficiency, make simpler decisions and its & # 39; organizing the organization to find high levels of productivity, and to ensure the ability of its company, based on the construction of a new business model that can create better outcomes and more support for the development of our country. "

He ended up identifying his & # 39; company that the related details are planned to & # 39; Check, in action that aims to get better results for the signature. "We are in full scrutiny, so we do not expect to take steps in December, as it has gone on. We are aware that these steps can be painful, but we & # 39; believe our duty is to continue the future of the company, to do what is necessary to become more creative, to contribute to the country and to fulfill our responsibilities for the department and all the Slabs ".

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