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The Appeals Court lodges a parole with an officer (r) of the Fach that was converted as General Bachelet

The Santiago Appeals Court passed announces contract to the officer (r) of Ramón Cáceres of the White Air Force (Fach), convicted four years imprisonment for the case made in the War Academy between September 1973 and March 1974 against her; general Alberto Bachelet, father of the old president Michelle Bachelet.

Chaceres' protection had recorded a amparo, arguing that he showed more than half of the sentence and being listed for his good behaviors in Gendarmerie, would get his chance to benefit.

The second Chamber of Appeals Court appealed to the decision by voters in respect of Juan Cristobal Mera and Jenny Book, and they voted against their position of minister of Veronica Sabaj. Despite that Parole Commission to review the case of the previous officer and his / her; giving the benefit based on the psychological interview.

"Showing a story about the performance of orders where he says that he is accountable, but Using tools as justification and reducing some of the facts, but only recognizing that they are participating. Regarding a bad and bad awareness, even though it is possible for victims to enter into their conversation, this will only be done in a general, but mentally-focused manner. It is crucial about the partners, under their understanding, against us, "says Te Terara's report.

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"In terms of being willing to change, it's a great deal, from that tend to be diminished and & # 39; achieve protection, it can not establish an essential need to make changes to itself in terms of its illegal achievements, "it adds, so it proves that it does not show the relevance for the crimes that were made.

But for the Court, it is enough with the behavior assessment carried out by Gendarmerie staff, from "it is not appropriate that the result of an interview with the guardian who made a psychologist and other professionals come to decision for aspects of internal and non-conductive sovereignty, it can not be said that it is not easy to do, as required by law, as possible In contrast, this decision has been abandoned at the end of the evaluation evaluations found at a specific moment of limitation, as stated, are not consistent with the behavior that has been Study throughout the entire period subject to certification, which is short Confidentiality of carer's hard efforts to maintain proper behavior within their careers; garden to get into the contracted freedom"

This rule happens just over two months after the Chamber of Committees was refused the constitutional case against three High Court ministers who gave the same benefit to others who were convicted for human rights breach.

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Now it may be the High Court itself that determines whether Cáceres is a? accept the lawsuit, as the candidates can apply for their regulation.

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