The bet from a new cannabis company

US $ 255 million is agreed to turn sugar into cannabis chemicals that open the door to a period of unfamiliar marijuana.

Amyris is now working with genuine fluctuating milk that produces a modeling moleacle for sweets and skin care products. Now it is hoping to use this transition technology to turn sugar cuckoo into the active tools found in marijuana, a company based in California said on Tuesday. These tools can be used in consumer products from drinks to skinstuffs and secrets.

The original focus of a fluid project, or CBD, is the molecle used to cure medical conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. But Amyris and his unnamed partners say that many genitalized molecules that have medical and therapist practices are unacceptable, said Beth Bannerman speaker on his phone. THC, the molecule that is a person's acquisition, is not a way of working; there, he said.

"We share the mission of our partners to become a leader in CBD results of a sustained short term, because we will focus on global marketing of skin care and drinks to us, "said Amyris, Iain Melo, executive director in a statement.

Lively projects

Amyris's adventures come together with smaller agreements announced in September which also aims to grind cannabinoids. Producer Marijuana Cronos Group created a $ 122 million partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks, and Organigram Holdings announced a strategic investment of US $ 7.6 million at Hyasynth Biologicals.

By making CBD and other cannabinoids in the breeding process, makers can control the quality and enjoyment, Amyris said. By deleting the plants from the equation to # 39; Ensure that the molecules are completely free from poisoning.

Amyris's marijuana magnets can be used in a list of the latest and most available materials. company, Bannerman said. Amyris produces a Biossance, a skin care line that was sold at Sephora's supermarkets, and has recently been introduced a calorie drinker.

Ways to scratch

An interest in marijuana-infused drinks is now increasing legal cannabis in Canada and CBD is a comes from a legal fort in the United States. The Canopy Growth Canada company is investing up to $ 150 million in a facility in New York to take CBD from hemp.

Coel brewery Constellation Brands has earned £ 3,800 million in Canopy Growth, and Molson Coors Brewing has co-operated by Hexo, based in Qué, for the sale of non-alcoholic canned drinks. Even Coca-Cola has said he has an interest in alcohol with CBD infusion, although he is not planning to enter the market.

Amyris said that he has agreed to pay for three years, after a final agreement, which can be a total of $ 255 million in money if the enterprise is capable of commercially doing. The duties on the additional marketing results, said company. More information on the partnership will be delivered in March, Bannerman said.

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