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The boy who was looking for Bichi Borghi appears on Instagram

Around 9:30 this Thursday, Claudio Borghi received an e-mail. "In the picture you climb, we are with my brother"to Paulina Montecinos, as well as letting him know that his father, a creature of the sculpture, had died a month. Yes, the answer was that the colocolino idol was waiting.

To get an understanding: on Wednesday night, Bichi announced on her Instagram "memorial" on 1992, with a T-shirt Albo going to Macul's court. "I never knew my companion's name that day. Does anyone know who he is?" He asked the old Red coach, who appeared from a small hand.

So the voice ran away and Borghi received hundreds of opinions until Roberto Montecinos got the news. In the morning I had a number of calls missing, my oldest brother saw the castle and warned me: Bichi is one of the best places in history, he's few looking forward to it. with "he explained the physical education teacher at the age of 30 and the fiddle player in Coquimbo and the Crea Espacio Club."

-The story behind the story?

Roberto's father was very close to Colo Colo at that time, he was a kind of colleague. He saw the hotels, the tickets for the … Contributors: he joined the subject free of charge, and became a friend of the players. I worked in a vehicle company, so got extra parts, I mentioned cars.

– Your father died …

He gave him his strike. I was talking to the Condor "Rojas" but he couldn't come to bury him. If his father had seen that Bichi was watching me, he would be proud. I feel this is a sign of it, it still gives me pleasure.

– Has Borve still contacted you?

No. I know that a page linking to Colo Colo is looking for a chance to meet with us.

– What would you say?

First of all, he thanked him for Colo Colo, the four-time warrior, his golden age as a coach. Then I like to be a player and player.

-Yes you can make another team …

There was no other option, many times when I went out with Morón, who was his friend of my father, Ivo Basay, Frank Lobos … I was even over; schools in Stonestone and I did the lowest until I was 14. According to school topics and ageism, I didn't go into a career and preferred to study.

– What are you like in the photograph?

Hahaha, they say I'm the same to Pacifier. Others believe that Beausejour or Felipe Flores. I love my opinions. But some of the fans have gone through in the photo, they added: ' They wanted to be shoes, I'm lucky, and more now because you can't go out at court. I also read that they'd said that we had the same legs and shirts, hahaha.

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