The Calderon Family is re-directing its capital with stock auction and building $ 49 million

Ripley finished stockstock on Santiago Stock Exchange. The work, which included a sum of over $ 33 billion, for 3% of the company.

Ripley will be reorganizing his capital. LarrainVial stock broker went on Monday with a stock auction of the group that was connected to the Calderon family.

The work consisted of more than 58 million shares at a & # 39; Low price, 570 pesos Chile (0.74 dollars), which equates to about 3% of the company's capital.

In this way, the package vendor built $ 33,117 million ($ 49 million) to work.

At this time, it is not known where the retailers are, but, according to El Mercurio, from LarrainVial it was reported that the Calderon Volochinsky family is not behind this work, but Calderon Kohon's sisters are sold.

It should be noted that the stock of Ripley's collection of small movements has been so far this year. The sections of the group linked to the Calderon family have fallen by 12% in 2018. The decline is due to the weak development of their centers.

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