The Central Bank recognizes the impact of the "migration benefits" on its; deceit

There is no doubt about the growth of immigration in Chile, "an important thing" for the economy. According to the presenter, who reviews the rationale in the analysis of the document; labor market, foreigners' currents could explain the reduction in the salaries shown by different indicators. Against this, the finance minister gave out what effect he had; and said "we are always saying that the immigrant who wants to come together and cooperate is welcome, not those who want to commit crime".

Response to the Middle Bank on the "migration shock" and in-migration that has been described as subjects of more education than the Palestinians and which have a positive impact on work in the country.

"The immigrant current in recent years has been very important, contributing to the growth of staff and employment," says the labor market document associated with the publication of the IpoM about finally.

The entity called by Mario Marcel is a warning warning about co-location; labor market, and even though informal work has gone down and that there is a "lower" than in other countries in the region, "it is well above the levels of developed nations (around 30% of staff, compared to the 12% OECD average) ".

The study says that the labor market exists Chile it is characterized by biodiversity and internal movement of movement, which has allowed "responding with greater flexibility to the economic cycle and mental migration from recent years, without being creating significant changes in unemployment ".

Although it notes that it is not yet possible to continue to & # 39; The impact of income and salary emigrants, because work, which is unlike other features such as investment or spending, has shown a clear demonstration this year, according to the text. The Central Bank recognizes that the "shock shock" has a wage effect.

Salary and immigration analysis

The Central Bank recognizes the impact on salaries by saying that "a modular review of salary surveys, as well as employment surveys, is not designed to deal with dramatic population changes".

In this context, it's a # 39; suggest that the migration stream could explain the tax reduction that has several features; show, in a more mental disorder context in the job market.

The definition, according to the dependent, is consistent with the qualitative information collected from the Business Ideas Report, where lower payload is recognized as a result of the larger work supply.

At the same time, because it is a limit of provision, this foul is only a Includes a limited emphasis on inflation, he argues.

The study also aims to increase employee income, but confirms that shares of the same do not continue to better salaries or productive benefits.

"In this aspect, there is a potential impact on interaction of economic inequality and lower capacity for long-term growth," he warns .

The text also shows that employee participation in the staff has expanded while & # 39; the young people have decreased, according to higher higher education coverage for new generations.

According to the analysis, real earnings have grown significantly for all levels of income, but a high salary distribution continues to be related to differences in life; employment (movement), that is, higher salaries tend to be at the same time as more sustainable working relationships.

Felipe Larraín: "There is an increase in staff supply"

With this situation, the Finance Minister, Felipe Larraín, evaluated the analysis of the Central Bank and said that "Silein's labor market has been involved in hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have been growing significantly in the first four months of this year. "

The Secretary of State said that there is no doubt that the previous situation has been & # 39; affecting salary. "There is an increase in the supply," he said.

However, Larraws found that salaries that grow 1% or more in real terms. And, in terms of the employment figures, he says there are accounts that show if a person is Given other job marks, this is "getting bigger than what the surveys say".

Return to & # 39; issue of migration and focusing on the Government agenda, Larra's decided "we always say that the immigrant who wants to come together is welcome and not the ones who want to commit crime ".

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