The colony: a new judgment includes 90% treatment

Men's and women's bone pattern starts in the mouth and ends in the air. The final sections of the bowel are the colon and the rectum (also known as the large skin).

But from 50 years of man, In a colon and rectum the preenoplasic pipes (called premialignant) may be called: look like warts that rose from the light of the intestines. These unsuccessful weaknesses, which have not been found early and removed, mean colorectal cancer (CRC).

In the International World College Day, t practitioners with whom Infobae have been issued will notice that breast cancer (CRC), close to the body, is close to There are 13,500 new cases a year, the second most common in Argentina (behind the skin) and It is estimated that there are about 20 people a day (almost 7500 a year) dying from this brother, a figure which is never recovered from lung cancer.

Although this is happening, though 90% of CRC cases can be treated with small invasive treatments. The healing rates reach 90% and in many cases are not necessary for oncological treatment such as chemo and radiotherapy and by for example examples of more aggressive surgeons such as laparoscopic surgery.

But, only 27% of people aged between 50 and 75 years recognized, t until most cancer is found in advanced stages, which very much compare their treatment.

As well as the controls after 50 years, experts say it is essential to improve everyday diet. A diet full of red meat and sausage is boiled and fewer vegetables are associated with the greater CRC risk. AA balanced diet is identified, not only to stop the CRC but also other harmful diseases like coronary painters, introducing calcium-rich food such as dairy products in the diet. It is also advisable to ban tobacco, reduce alcohol use, avoid inactivity and prevent obesity.

Colonoscopy: safe and effective practice

“Chronic obstetric cancer is halted by two methods of diagnosis. the blood hidden in a fecal case, t If a patient chooses to be treated at home, by a machine which the doctor gives. The second, more detailed and effective audit will be colonoscopy, the first choice for patients at risk; for the family's history or suffering from a serious bowel disease, "said Dr Lisandro Pereyra (MN: 107.475), a member of the ENAAA Science Society (Endoscopists Theologians of Buenos Aires).

For his own contribution, Dr Leandro Steinberg (MN: 132.352), also from ENAA, explained that “investigating an allergic blood problem detects cancer at an early stage, and that it can t colonoscopy can also provide evidence of plugins, which are the pre-production weaknesses caused by breast cancer.

When there is a colonoscopy It is done through advanced equipment and highly trained professionalsthere's a fear, discomfort and even a hotel, which goes without purpose, that rejects most patients to make this practice.

The experts are emphasizing that The colonoscopy is a completely safe test if it does not show irregularity, it will not be necessary to repeat it until ten years later. In so much of being positive, the risk is assessed to assess how often the next reviews are. “In 80% of cases, the non-fertile folders which are removed in the same procedure, depending on their characteristics, are decided when the method should be repeated,” said Pereyra.

"This unusual growth in the cells will take 10 to 15 years to develop, which allows us to have the ability to target us," explains Steinberg, and says "running rising from a declining Steinberg, called adenoma carcinoma In this process, the polyp grows in the cup which covers the large cavities until it causes cancer. As it begins to start attacking the weasel and spreading out, the front window does not seem to be enough to contain the large number of deaths. 'cause this cancer problem.

Juan Carlos Patronn Uriburu – MN (87532) – a physician and a member of the Mathematical and Ecological Society from Argentina in Britain's Hospital in Buenos Aires confirmed, “the colonoscop is the device that gives judgment t and cure. of colon diseases other than colon and rectum cancer, which include a vision of lining within the colon (mucosa), using an endoscope that incorporates the liver, t total to reach a region called blind, even in some cases you can actually contribute in the last centimeters of the small intestine. "

He said: "It is made under the rules of dilemma and general safety such as biological assessment and gives access to polyps to retrieve and repeat them. It needs to be remembered that the most effective way of creating breast cancer is to make sure that polyps are detected and removed. What does this mean? That all the dorsal fins come to fruition in polyp. Polyp is an extraordinary amount of bottlenose dolphin. "

When should you do it?

“It is recommended that all patients have a colonoscopy which has a symptoms of 50 years old or more colony or asymptomatic patient, to detect and remove polyps and to remove them to faeces. said so early, "he said. Uriburu

Although the proposal was in some cases, the proposal was initiated by the controls from 50 to 45 years. This is due to an increase in this planet in the world and its appearance at an earlier age.

"But there is a group of patients called high-risk and family history of cancer or polyps. These include syndromes of hereditary non-political cancer, family polyposis with translations and recurrent diseases. These patients require specific control and an earlier start of the inspections so it is necessary to start consultation with the specialist doctor ", completed Patron Uriburu.

From the Buenos Aires City of Health Minister, they announced that the research group, led by Dr. Alicia Sambuelli, at Dr Carlos Bonorino Udaondo's hospital, has recorded 4061 patients with breast cancer. For how it works outwards with colorectal cancer Around 60 cases a year are worked on both breast cancer and breast cancer. Receiving four new issues each month.

“Bone cancer is the second cause of death from cancer in the country, behind renal cancer, the same remains for traffic accidents, but if the decision is done at an early stage, the 90% chance of healing is done. who are there. t that is the reason we need to be aware and inform the public of the importance of inspections"said Dr Fabio Nachman, Head of the University's Gastroenterology Service at the Favaloro Foundation.

-The Society for Science Society (Endoscope Compensation in Buenos Aires) launched the campaign # HaceteUnaColonoscopía. Julian Weich, Mario Pergolini, María Julia Oliván, Luis Rubio and Marcelo Bonelli have put their image and voice to the service of this important initiative, with the ambition of increased population and large throughput through social and media networks. communication. around the country.

-Favaloro from the University Hospital Foundation is launching an action # #ooAmoLaVida # DiaMundialDelCáncerDeColon with an activity called #YoAmoLaVida, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of researching.

-FUCA raises awareness of colorectal cancer with the #MARZOAZUL campaign to raise awareness of the prevention and early detection of this disease.

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