The Cubillos Minister wants to respect the freedom of students who refused to read Lemebel

The Minister for Education, Marcela Cubillos, mentions a Liceo student controversy of San Francisco de Quito men (SFQ) who refused to read "The corner of my heart is" by Pedro Lemebel.

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The departmental manager clarified that she does not know in detail about the third-level student dispute that refused her copy arguing that the author "A" solution

"We, as the Ministry of Education, have done what we have done and who want to promote and respect your values, respect for diversity," he said. Marcela Cubillos a EMOL.

When asked about how this situation should be handled in educational establishments, Cubillos said "respect is always going back and forth. believe that It is a respect for freedom and respect for diversity"

On the other hand, the Municipality of Independencia published a statement where they emphasized as an entity that they have been working hard promoting culture of tolerance, inclusion and discrimination.

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This year, the town has joined the education centers in challenging situations handling, and said they will implement Plan for Incentive Incentive Promotion in & # 39; SFQ, so that respect for diversity in the secondary school can be addressed.

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