The dollar will turn the position and its # 39; closing with a new increase against Chilean punishment


The dollar got against Silein's improvement at the end of Tuesday trading. The decline in local money continues after the progress in the talks between China and the United States, strengthen US money in foreign markets.

At the end of their interbank market work, the dollar was named at $ 682.9, which is represents an increase of $ 2.3 compared to the previous closure.

In this way, the national money did not pay attention to a good copper performance, a good account of Silein's piece. The red metal contracts for March rose by 1.75% and are at US $ 2.76 per pound in London, driven by the progress in the talks between China and the United States.

In the middle of this climate, there is more confidence in the markets, the Home Schedule – a signal that is; Measuring the performance against the basket of six world monies – back again and rising by 0.22% in half session.

The analyst XTB Latam, Carlos Quezada, says that the advances in a commercial war that create "increase in the confidence of the US economy, boost the USD. The level of local exchange Broken for $ 680, which corresponds to the strength of the users internationally. "

How much does the dollar do?

Today, the Survey of Economic Exposure Survey results to be published in December. In terms of exchange level, the survey experts did not make more changes related to the November survey.

The survey rehearsed the dollar at $ 670 over two months and at $ 660 in eleven months.

Experts are accepted with Central Bank and will increase to 3.6% the rejection of Chile's growth in 2019

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