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The drama about living with narcoplepsia, where life can be sleeping

Being sleepy during the day is a condition that when we live in the workplace, the times we live are quite common. However, there are some that cannot control their energy and just fall asleep anywhere.

Many people in this group suffer from narcolepsy, "a strange sleep disorder." heavy sleeps during the day and sudden attacks on sleep t, as explained by the Mayo Clinic.

“People who suffer from narcolepsy often find it difficult to wake up for long periods, no matter what the situation and they can make big changes," they add.

“Patients in the office who fall asleep eating, talking, or worse, drive, make daily life difficult and put others at risk” t, says niche Somno Clinic, Pedro Moya.

So far, there is no reason why there are specific reasons for narcolepsy. But those with this situation have low levels of hypocretin, which is a neurochemical material of the brain that helps to regulate surveillance and sleep REM (maximum sleep). Additionally, it is thought to have genetic impact: “It is a disease that was grown during childhood or in its first year of adulthood”. add Moya unto him.

The neurologist refers to some of the symptoms: t

– Fade during the day.

– She sleeps suddenly, often in unsatisfactory times. These are called the “sleep attacks”.

– Falling, moving or feeling emotionally weak, especially when you're crazy, angry or laugh. The medical terms used to do this are cataplexy.

– Loss of movement or speech immediately after waking or just before falling asleep.

– See, feel or hear things that aren't very detailed before you fall asleep or just after waking.

In the report that delivers the Mayo Clinic prestige (USA), it is noted that people with narcolepsy can also have an adverse effect on people, such as aggressive apnea, unexplained syndrome and even underestimation. .

The self-evaluation form is through her polysomnographywhich now looks like the perfect sleep test for this: has a link between different sensory devices, stressing the heart, breathing, brain function and other activities that sleep at night and t the modern technology is delivered in the patient's home. .

“In this way, the specialist medical is able to see its patterns of sleep and then starts treatment, t largely based on behavioral changes, avoiding special appliances that cause fatigue (some for arthritis), snatching before important events, and aiming for lower anxieties, "said Moya.

Somno the specialist expert says that it is important for those with narcolepsy to think about support at work or at school. “Because this problem involves, it is likely that the person will feel sad, confused or embarrassed, so he has been advised to tell them in their daily situations so that they can be confused with their feelings. supported He concluded.

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