The first image of a large water cut will be made in the MRI

Interior Ministry and Public Security mentioned in an official statement Metropolitan Intendance will be guided The first image of the large water that was cut in the & # 39; Metropolitan Area to implement the protocols of the area against those situations.

The activity will be done next November 28 and It should be noted it does not mean a real cut of the service.

To take it out, the Metropolitan Intentency will work with the agency National Emergency Office (Onemi), Health Ceremony, Head of Sanitary Services (SISS), one thirteen group and water-water company: Aguas Andinas, Cossbo, SMAPA and Aguas Santiago Poniente.

The plan will aim to implement a number of plans that the authorities have built, together with the Metropolitan area towns and health service companies to reduce the neighbors' problems when drinking water is cut.

"A dedicated city is one that draws lessons from complex minutes to do actions (…) with this mind, and we will try to be as accurate as possible, we are preparing to find out how to tackle initiatives such as a large amount of water drinking, response time and how we can develop an event of these features, " said Karla Rubilar, Mayor Metropolitan, about the event.

On the other hand, Miguel Muñoz, the regional director of the ONEMI, added: "This is an exercise to measure the effectiveness of contractual plans; we always have gaps and the idea is that, when this happens, there are very few problems we can. This imagination is the quality of the measure plans, before emerging ".

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