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The fourth says that Colo Colo borrows Edson Puch

According to a pop-up newspaper, the Cacique would negotiating for Iquiqueño, although they believe it is closed in Toluca in Mexico.

Colo Colo looking to strengthen the middle of the court up, possibly by the side of the attack. And, according to La Fourth, Mario Salas was going to an old Cacique desire already heard in more than one market.

It is about it Edson Puch which, according to its pop-up newspaper, in the # Popular package. Although Marcelo Espina (32), whose age is higher than usual, has recently been attracted in Mexico.

Indeed, Comando is coming from a season just in Querátaro, where he was on loan. Now you have to return to Pachuca, a club owner for a letter he bought in a relatively small number: 7 million dollars.

There are more: in Mexico they say they are close to a recording in Toluca and live there, but the aim, always according to information from La Fourth, would that the Iquiqueño would welcome him to return to Chile.

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