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The "Game of Thrones" comes off: there's no dragon or targaryens there?

Creating the saga, George R.R. Martin, make sure the series is based around 5000 years before the first one


The dragons, apparently, do not appear in the preview of the saga / ep

After the eighteenth and last season, preyel will have Game of Thrones, and the creator of the George R.R. saga. Martin has been more accurate, just clarifying when the new series will be set.

"There are 10,000 years mentioned in the novels. But there are places where the teachers say:" No, no, it was not 10,000, they were 5,000; there. "… So I think it's closer to 5,000 years," said the writer in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

He also talked about the situation in which the conversion is happening.

"Poniente is a very different place. There is no way to the King. There is no iron. There is no Targaryens: Valyria just started to believe with her dragons and the great empire He has built it. We are dealing with a different world and over and we hope it's a part of a sport in the series, "he made clear, and # 39 ; creating great hopes among the loyalists of the product.

Everything shows that the series will be established before the power of the Targaryen family, who is the only dragon runner-up after Valyria was destroyed.

So, it's clear that the series does not contain dragonbies at least in the first part … if it ever does.

So in Poniente yesterday there are no dragons. Element that the writer was going to take away in the whole series, but in particular it was. "I have considered a time without taking dragons," published by Martin.

psionic power

"I wanted to have the Targaryen symbol of the dragons, but I played with her opinion that it might have been like psionic power. My friend and poet Phyllis Eisenstein are the one who gave me the proof of putting the dragon, and I spent the third book. And I think this is the right decision, "said the famous author.

The pilot episode of the star will be Naomi Watts' star and will tell "the world's adventures from the golden age of the heroes to the darkest moment. There is nothing but sure: from the deep intentions of the history of Westeros to The origins of the White Games, the Oriental mystery, even the Starks of the tale … is not the story we think about what we are thinking "a & # 39; read the summary.

For now, the eighth and final season of the "Game of Thrones" series, which was swept from its first phase with awards and bids, will start in April 2019 and, as It is expected that the programs that are part of the final delivery will exceed 60 minutes.

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