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The Government makes sure that it is unfair to hold the "black box" for not explaining reasons for an increase in plans. Higher. T

Despite 20% of the population of Chile under the health care system, the substantial buildings named did not leave the people unattended, looking at movements of all kinds, most of them. noted that the health system was needed and portable darts to the government of Sebastián Piñera.

The increases announced by health insurance companies to health superintendent suggest that there will be an average increase in their values ​​of 5.1%, which will start operating from July 2019 to June 2020, far from 3.6. % of year. On top of that, just under 6% in 2011.

For this reason, Sebastián Piñera was forced to manage what is considered by a public opinion – like the issue of measurement – as an abuse of the system against citizens and – despite her failure. The government has no obstacle – at its disposal.

Based on this review, the president in La Moneda met with Health Minister Emilio Santelices, as they reviewed the delay in the private health system, from 30 October. Last year the project in Concepción had been canceled in December.

Through Twitter and follow the meeting with Santelices, President Sebastián Piñera now announced at April that location marks will be incorporated into the redevelopment project. he gave him in his first government.

Reform, according to the President, would consider "creating a universal health plan, eradicating advance and absence, allowing free movement of users between isapres and decreasing between t cost prices depending on age, sex and health status. " t

But when the Minister for Health, Emilio Santelices appeared, appearing before the media and far from making a mistake because he failed to keep his first word, a concrete message opposed to speakers t that he was "black box".

"There is complete ignorance for the reasons that these increases have happened. That's why the Superintendent for Health has been finding out the basics. When speaking I'm about black boxes, I mean, "he explained.

Although the project is not detailed in detail, the Santelices Minister could not guarantee the redevelopment of the isapres that can enhance this promotion. It has only shown, by creating a unique general plan, that a system will be linked to benefits with reference values ​​and a framework of establishment that will report the changes, it will look to a new era of the isapres.

The Congress wants to investigate temptation

The Senate Health Committee agreed that the project would have to be speeded up as soon as possible. T They also announced that they will be asking the National Economic Cases Office (FNE) next week to investigate a possible threat among the isaps that has been identified in an increase in plans. T shape.

Also, party party for Democracy, Guido Girardi, has said he will be attending Sernac and the FNE on Friday to examine health insurance. "It doesn't really mean that there will be more than one isap and that everyone will decide what the prices are," he said.

"Once and for all, we have to limit the unilateral act by raising prices on the side of the isopres"

– Rabindranath Quinteros, PS senator and member of the Health Commission.

For his own part, Rabindranath Quinteros, a member of the same parliamentary body, reviewed the Government and said that the irregular submission was the "infinite" representation of the text to Parliament. “Once and for all, we have to unite the one-act action to rise to the price of isapres,” he stressed.

Even the official grandfather and a member of the Health Commission, Francisco Chahuán (RN), pointed out that it is necessary to get information as soon as possible about the place names identified by La Moneda.

Review of tours

According to the Superintendence of Health, there would be around 250,000 to 300,000 court cases each year and the system that is provided to users is costs.

However, former Health Supervisor, Sebastian Pavlovic, said that these costs are small to all the resources that are regulated by the system.

“There aren't really many foundations in the idea to blame the courts or users who want to protect their rights. "There are very remote shores," he said.

However, there is still doubt as to the extent of Sebastian Piñera's political space to reform it in Congress, including the Liberal Christian (DC) crisis inquiry for Deputy Network Secretary, Luis Castillo. Paying attention to many vice-president's autopsy Eduardo Frei Montalva.

This DC conflict could be significant, considering that in 2018 the voters of Falangist voted in accordance with the government's plans, notwithstanding the coming year. T from the center to the left and in particular the Frente Amplio.

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