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The Government proposed to recommend the most recent reform of tax reforms

The Government of Sebastián Piñera this Monday presented to the Finance Committee in the Representatives' Chamber, which is being proposed today for tax reform., to give approval to the view in the Congress of legislation.

The new initiative La Moneda has launched, t According to the Ministry of Finance, it raises 471 million dollars.

Also, The Government arranged a regional rent-hire date for 30 October, reducing the dates.

Within the campaign exhibition, the deputy Pepe Auth (Independent), a member of the Lowland Finance Committee, and La Moneda expected to strike the balance in favor of their vote, he told the finance minister, Felipe Larraín, that the request is disgraceful.

Auth said that "I first look at this, I want to say in all letters, with what I expected after the lectures, after the headlines. Here there are lots of shops, lots of little things that are added, cash, not secure and secure income ". T

“I know that the papers were, and were told by them, that people were willing to vote beforehand before they knew the proposal, but I was happy and I asked my colleagues. T review the proposal confidentially and fairly: t my initial review is disappointing"he said to the parliament."

After the parliamentary authority, seven government representatives – who are the majority – meet the technical commission of the ancient province t to find out what votes on Wednesday will be used to make legislative proposals.

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New measures

New measures announced by the Finance Minister within the tax renewal project are: t The expansion of “payment of grants” to be exempt from older and middle-aged people in their homes, as long as they are unprofitable and control devices to counter something and salvage in off-market pulling unfairly.

It also contributes to a grant of one per cent of major investment projects for departments and their case strengthen the internal fee system (SII): "More resources will be introduced to provide a better service for the taxpayer and improve scrutiny".

In this regard, Minister Larran explained: twe have done everything that we can. We have included a one-off contribution for the utilities departments, t they are around 170 million dollars which is about to enter into the country's regions of broadcast investment projects in regions ". t

“We have made all these figures, t we have included all numbers, we have issued the fees and greenhouse dues, which was questioned. I don't lose confidence, "he explained the Secretary of State.

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