The Government proposes a 2.9% change to pay a & # 39; Head and country authorities


This Tuesday the Government put forward a bill Recommend a salary review of 2.9%, which is related to annual inflation, for the highest authorities in the country.

The text given to the Representative Chamber explains that "the campaign is to reconfigure 2.9%to the President of the Republic, the ministers, the sub-writers, the president of the High Court, the court ministers, the procurator. Court and General Director General"

This change represents 0.6 points below recommended to other public sector employees, which reach 3.5%.

Coherent the income of the landowners will be re-readministers of the Constitutional Court, the National Treasurer, from the President of the Council for Problems, among other high level ones whose salaries must be in line with ministers and sub-writers .

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This project who was qualified with debate directly, so it is expected that this Tuesday morning process will be in the House Finance Committee then vote with the Chamber during this evening, after opposing the Interior Minister, Andrés Chadwick, in the Catrillanca case frame.

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