The Government recommended a reconciliation of 2.9% for the remuneration of Sebastián Piñera and the senior authorities


The Government decided to make a difference to the reorganization for the highest rents corresponding to the State authorities, which would provide a direct annual inflation, ie 2.9%. This then represents 0.6 percentage points below the recommended for its & # 39; rest of public sector staff (3.5%).

This is how the bill has shown a few minutes before the Producer Chamber will show the text: "the campaign is to set a 2.9% reorganization for President; Public, ministers, subscribers, High Court president, Court ministers, Attorney General and Court and Chief Executive ". He also says that salaries, installments, benefits, among others, will be refurbished in the same percentage.

In addition, the revenue of parliamentarians, parliamentarians and senators, ministerial ministers of the Constitutional Court, from the President of the Council for Problem, the National Prosecutor will be renewed, among high steps Other, which must be the same as ministers and subscribers.

A project that was proven with a prompt debate to be handled in the morning in the Finance Committee will be voted by the Evening Chamber, following the opposition to the Minister of the Interior -staway, Andrés Chadwick.

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