The Harvard rhetorician proves that "the first ones that are out there are"

Avi Loeb (57) He is the referee of the Harvard University Institute of Philosophy. With 700 theoretical works being published, now he is committed to himself study of life and information outside the Earth, as long as you are preparing a book about it.

In an interview with Der Spiegel, the scientist explained the reason he decided to enter this area and said, according to his understanding, The emigrants have arrived on Earth.

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"Earthlife is not done for inter-state travel"

"Since I was small I was interested in basic issues, and it is the most fundamental thing if we are alone in the & # 39; globe", Explained Loeb about encouraging it.

The rhetorologist said that "outdoor practices may be possible multiplicate our knowledge in an incapable way to measure. It would be like a man from the Middle Ages was thrown into the 21st century. "

In addition, he said that outside people could resemble themselves morphologically: "They are most likely to be quite different. And we may not find ourselves with other life formats, but only by their articles. "

"Life, no at least the world's life, it is not done for inter-state travel. Cosmic radiation is a big problem even in a shorter time as it is; going to Mars. "

& # 39; Oumuamua: Outbuilding

The scientist recently created the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters "An It was discovered that a & # 39; The first ones that are out today are here ". In the interview he went in detail:

"On October 19, 2017, Pan-STARRS telescope recorded in Hawaii something strange in the sky. It moved so soon It can only come from anywhere outside the solar system. This is the first time we come from an outside place that we know. It was christened by the name & # 39; Oumuamua. & # 39;

Loeb explained that it is almost impossible to lose asteroid through the wires to get into our solar system, which means that & # 39; Oumuamua.

"In addition, it is a funny thing from another perspective. Its clarity is badly diminished, which is it does have a special form"He also added.

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And he noted that "the rest we've been getting out about, which is more odd to turn everything up. The path is not at & # 39; Oumuamua responds to what he should have for the tangible range of the sun. "

"The rhetorologists have worked out: if the" Oumuamua "appears to be an accidentally objection, it would mean that solar systems needed to create bills of similar things. … If it's not a reason to move, indeed, but in fact it is a pre-eminent journey", Detail of the scientist.

When asked about his colleagues on his theory, Loeb explained that "most of them agree that Oumuamua has a lot of puzzles. Even & # 39 ; s so it's hard for them to say that it could be an artificial thing"

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