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"Excessive levels and unforeseen perfection measures are expected to bring physical and mental health ahead, and give a talk on the importance of their & # 39; reaching the goal over the joy of the road, "explained Vithas Nisa Pardo de Aravaca (Madrid), Carlos Rodríguez Méndez.

Insertion can be of benefit. Design things in detail, to ensure that you have detailed ways, to be specific with personal work and to; Explain that the results are good for anyone.

The problem comes when they are true. People who have too much degree of integrity can be very hard in their conviction, vitally important for themselves and worthwhile. These features continue to be suffering, disturbance and worry.

In addition, the password to perfection usually shows uncertain persons who say they will protect themselves against any error. Fear of exterminating conviction and criticism requires the person to build their levels, where there is no failure.

Mental health affects health. Brock University, in Ontario, Canada has a study of 24 to 35 year olds, which shows that the chief perfectionists are usually suffering pain, insomnia and tiredness. That is, it is devolved in sleeping problems, excavation problems, causing headaches or dermatitis with increased pressure.

On the other hand, it is common to find cases that come out of non-compulsory disorder or OCD, which is characterized by establishing everyday and satisfying and attractive daily practices be a solution from the worst; is created by coming to perfection.

In addition, the National Institute of American Mental Health says that those people are again suffering and suffering; worrying thoughts called obsessions. In order to control them, people with OCD can revise rehabilitation and behaviors, and he wants compulsions. Those who suffer from the disease can not keep their thoughts or customs, which are infected. preventing their daily life.

Additional outcomes can be found in the workplace with very good loss in reviews and reviews, as well as slower performance of activities. In the personal area, perfectionists are often attracted to someone who is not and who, as well as to show a more natural face of their way, are guided by self-esteem development and self-confidence.

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It is not a disease in continually searching for perfection or it is not a serious disorder in behavior, but it should be disciplined because it can become desperate. Vithas Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital praises her & her; get a medium point.

– Be sure. Calculate your own installments and, above all, be aware of them as their neighbors. No one has a rare capacity and the most successful people have many poor points. If anyone knows how long they can go, someone else does not affect them and they can stop his / her; blamed themselves so that they will not be better than the rest. The Trust is only developing.

– No comparison. Find your own criteria and establish the best version for yourself. If someone finds himself comparing themselves, he needs to do all their responsibilities; jump and watch for new points from a & # 39; investigating that situation. Surely there are positive ideas to take.

– Pleasant. Find a minimal awareness of leisure, dementia and good care for yourself. You do not have to spend your time at something 100 per cent, it is much better to multiply your work and get a dose from drugs. You need to allow that emotion to move to the most times of stress in life.

– Right. It can cause failure and explore what's going on now. If you feel uncomfortable without being & # 39; Get everything in your own and happily, little by little, stop worrying. Add that you have to activate yourself to keep something around you from being in place and avoiding it; to disturb everything.

– Work independently and look in. Use calm ways that improve the level of stress, put yourself in professional hands to help promote self esteem, respect and talk as you would like to talk to someone. We also need to understand their & # 39; It should be wrong as the first step to allow for a learning loose from mistakes, which will bring the best shape out of itself.

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