The humorous sex scene of Bertolucci's film that destroys the life of Maria Schneider TV and Scenes


He raised one of his sights of actor's life sodomy. About the Weinstein and #MeToo, The last tango in Paris, by Bernardo Bertolucci, a sign of sexual violence in the seventh art.

In this film with an adult status in many countries, Maria Schneider, who was 19 when shooting began, lived a busy story with an American widow who, going through Paris, played by Marlon Brando. An American actor A plot called a desire It was named Oscars for that post.

Both of them decide not to know anything about each other, not to Noting the names even The film, raw and bad, reaching its balance in an unprecedented vision of a butter, with a butter bar as an instrument.

Despite being biased, this rigorous view will be a celebrating the history of the cinema, and damaging its history; young actress, as co-cousin, journalist Vanessa Schneider in his book So you've seen Maria Schneider which was published in France this year.

According to the French translator who filmed about 50 films later, Brando and Bertolucci did not warn her to use butter.

When we face this scene again in 2007 in UK tablets statements Daily Mail, her actress made sure she was "Tears were really" in the film

"I was feeling unfortunately and genuinely, I thought they were damaging me, Marlon and Bertolucci. At the end of the scene, Marlon did not come to help me or my excuse. Fortunately, it was enough with one look "he said.

"I was too young"

His statements were taken with a special speed with the media, who would like to give more to the director of the actress, who died in February 2011.

When he heard the story about his death, Bertolucci said she would have liked her "Ask forgiveness"

"Maria was out to be kidnapped her youth and it is not until now I know that it was not really true. Indeed, I was too young for the brilliant and amazing success of the film keep it up. ", he said.

In December 2016, the scan returned again: a video that emerged from 2013 will appear on social networks with controversial statements from the director: "I thought Marlon had her idea about filming evenings. I wanted Mary to respond, I wanted to get rid of her"admit "I did not want to explain the anger, but to feel the anger and humiliation".

"Everyone who likes this movie sees a 19-year-old girl who has been convicted by a 48. The director devised the attack. He makes it sick ", actor Jessica Chastain wrote on Twitter, very enthusiastic in the cause of a woman and in Time & Time shift.

Bertolucci defends himself by saying that Schneider knew the script and did not just notice butter. He also criticizes the innocent criticism of those who do not know that "genre (almost) is always reproduced in a cinema".

Disputation will be & # 39; passes on Weinstein's globally and the genetic attacks of many of the performers in 2017.

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