The lack of 65% in the public system is a lack of oncologists

The Health Minister, Emilio Santelices, shows that the public health system in Chile has a 65% reduction in oncologists, and thus made advanced resources for foreign experts to use our country.

"We estimate that the loss of oncologists in the public system is near 65 percent," He marked in an interview with Third, together with details "cheimotherapy is estimated to be at least two additional doctors and for the same radiotherapy, considering the new installation installed, particularly in areas. "

Santelices commented on a figure there are only 158 oncologists who are responsible for addressing the 53,000 cancer patients in the country, a situation that is more likely when considered only 69 of them work in the public network, where 13 million people attend, and 89 who are only working in the private sector.

"It's related to the lack of public system abilities to achieve it, since the designation is linked to multidisciplinary and intensive technologies, so it is encouraged to stay in a place where you can not properly develop the race. There are also economic incentives: wages in the private system at least doubled the public sector, "he explained.

In fact, that minister did in April of the next year "gap will be completed, which will determine in detail the number of doctors and other professionals required. "

However, it shows that President Sebastián Piñera, who is donated through the National Cancer Plan, today, "We will solve 80% over a 10-year perspective, and thus creating access to cancer cure, is spread correctly in the divisions. "

Private barriers to solution

However, he stresses, "we have identified recognizable critical gaps, which need to be related to prevention and screening (a strategy for beginnings of catching beginnings) . "

"So in 2019, the Vaccine for Human Papilloma Violence for 4-year-old children. It is also an urgent increase in the number of managers, and in the first season we 31 additional mammals, which outlines the results of the Digital Hospital. Also, next year we are looking to install 52 new chemotherapy chairs, which increases the capacity of the public system by almost 20 per cent, "he said.

Foreign experts

In addition, it seems that "many experts from other countries who want to work in Chile", they appear in talks "with the probation units so that They expand their capabilities, and in conjunction with the universities to be established in postgraduate certification centers in other centers ", to" complete their & # 39 ; circle that is represented by expert verification "

Also, with the problems that are going to be & # 39; Chilean training, "ask foreign experts to have the conditions to take the test, make it easier, but the demand will not be smaller, "said Santelices, who without issuing temporary permits If it happens "it was essential when the facilities were established and did not have their professional competence".

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