The manager will find more than $ 1 billion spent well: b & # 39; It's money to indigenous road repairs National

More than The millions were costing well The Office of the Chief Executive's Office in the Department of Departmental Roads (DRV) of La Araucanía found an interest protected to repair indigenous roads.

According to La Tercera, the resources needed to be used to repair roads that allow local communities, but have been used in other routes.

In addition, there were shortcomings in the integrity that includes a contract with a company where Luis Roa is working, brother-in-law works of public works.

The events took place between January 2016 and 2017, in which the DRV area carried out a 50.4km road maintenance activity in the area, including a program framework that was set up for road conservation for native communities.

However, according to the Office of the Divisional Director, it was found that some of the resources were used irregularly.

Indeed, the media indicated that the inspection report revealed that they were used $ 1,027,318,120 on roads outside the borders of indigenous people.

Decided that this situation was the result of "verification detention on the countryside of the buildings where the roads were located".

That governing body, as well as the amount rejected, was the entity used $ 723,542.123 in employment contracts "They were not executed, some have been done, or in some cases where it is not possible to prove the level of progress, as there are no documents that confirm that the jobs are carried out effectively ".

Disabilities for integrity

Regarding these irregularities, the lack of integrity revealed by the Director's review, which includes a contract with a company where Luis Roa is working, has been added. brother-in-law of the Exseremi of Public Works, unresolved from a & # 39; signature of a dedicated mission to submit its & # 39; contract with contractor Justo Schweitzer, where his brother-in-law worked, breach of its administrative confirmation principle. "

The stress entity added that the fiscal inspector, Carla Sierra, "examined contracts awarded to the IM Ltda construction company, where her brother worked."

So, the governing body can take a series of steps for Repairing for over a billion pesos is badly used and the refund or pay credit of the amount of the work.

Also, Open administrative summary to "duties that officers may have in anomalies that are associated with non insurance insurance, insurance insurance with an amount less than those required, outstanding commitments, Commitments submitted after the date and tickets with effect below the requirement ", telling the third party entity.

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