The Merck Foundation is launching a head and mint cancer campaign

At the National Cancer and Neck Day, which is commemorated on Monday, December 10th, the Merck Health Foundation, with the support of the Spanish Spouse of the Spanish Patient, launched the launch of the campaign. ;Blue scarfTo increase visibility and work in raising awareness of this disease.

Carmen González Madrid

The head and neck cancer account for 5 per cent of all tumors found in the world, and the seventh type of cancer is more common in Europe and sixth in Spain. Despite being & # 39; is increasingly broader and is responsible for around 376,000 deaths annually, it is still not socially recognized, partly because it is best for people who are in the best interests. suffer by talking about it, because it is often a & # 39; affecting prominent parts of their lives. face, voice, voice or hearing; taste.

"It's difficult to change to the disease and its problems and, therefore, it is essential to support the health, family and the social environment of the patient", explains executive leader Merck Salud Foundation, Carmen González Madrid .

75% of cases result in tobacco and alcohol. It is also associated with the lack of protection in oral genre. "In a tobacco case, it is estimated that there are two thores that may suffer from this cancer," said Dr Lara Iglesias, who is the oncologist At the University Hospital, October 12th in Madrid.

Signs and signs

In the case of any signals or marks, an oncologist said that it is necessary to consult if these features appear in his / her; ocean or the oral neck for more than three weeks: a sick language, eyes, bitter neck, neck stomach, swallowing pain or a problem or hindering a nose. "

In addition, Lara Iglesias says "cancer in the head and neck is likely to increase the growth of the intestinal neck, but in the local levels there are high levels of treatment". Therefore, awareness, which is useful for early detection, is particularly important in this cancer.

The data consulted by Merck Health Foundation shows that two-thirds of patients with head and neck cancer are at an advanced stage when they got out Finding this cancer type can early die by up to 80% and 90%.

With this new initiative, the Foundation wants to involve anyone through video on social networks with a blue scab on his neck and helps patients with their, This course, with these hashtags # CancerDayCabezayCuello and #BufandasAzules on December 10

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