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The novels of Paredes and Valdivia in class predictions

The evaluator is named by Mario Salas amongst rumors of two conflicts. On the other hand, the "Wizard" loses the first class at the year.

Mario Salas the face the first big challenge with Colo Colo This Sunday The "Cacique" gets the Catholic University the War Memorial (12 hours) and will do that with a new object.

The shield will be Esteban Paredes and he might put the first minutes in an official way. In contrast, Jorge Valdivia didn't arrive and he never reached the classical in front of the coat of arms. So, Salas gets back to his skipper who could have been involved.

In the middle of a preview of the game, Juan Manuel Insarurralde He talked of how they prepared for the game. "We are on the right way, it's classical in the first place, but we want to keep points. The best team this year is because we are going ahead,We know there are many things to do, ”he said.

The defender also explained the importance of both Paredes and Valdivia within the team. "In these games you need hierarchy players are fundamental to us. UC's game is a good metal to see how we do and why, "he closed.

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