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Airbus & # 39; The first manufacturer of planes that came up to date at the end of the mass of the population. The company lets stop its & # 39; A380 model in 2021 because they were released in the last few months and the difficulty of being able to go. Getting new customers, Boeing's planned route to the Jumbo 747 is legendary due to the lack of demand and decision of Delta or United travelers to stop working. For this moment, the US supercar has over a year of life suction, since it has made a search in an air carrier market: in 2018 he received 18 orders from 747-8 and 14 were ordered by his & # 39; UPS package transport company, Economist Reports (Airbus A380: The worst head of the world's largest aircraft).

And, although IATA expects passenger traffic to go to, grow 6% in 2019, to 4,588 million, and to almost double in the next 16 years, passenger passengers have decided to focus their strategy on saving fuel and direct routes instead of a capacity and hub model. It is not surprising, though they leave the ground with capacity for more than 550 travelers, They spend much more for filling and profit making, they choose smaller and more efficient models such as Airbus A350 or Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which use 20 to 25% less fuel, up to 30% more travel, between 39 and 43% fewer passengers must be profitable, with almost one authority (average between 13,000 and 15,000 kilometers) and Cruise distance (the Airbus trick will leave the A380 in 2021 and can retire 3,500 employees).

At an uncertainty, low oil prices and a growing competition in the & # 39; long-term illness, stressing on & # 39; reduce their fuel pressure, which is a? make up 30% of Air costs. France and 25% of IAG costs. So, models with two engines have a smaller cost of their & # 39; war. Battle of & # 39; The first person who suffered the A340 engine phase, with capacity for 375 passengers, which was stopped in 2011.

Therefore, airlines trying to reduce risks, as it is much easier to invest in the investment of 300 million dollars is one of 445 million, which is more than Airbus's largest averages. cost. There is another problem that the "thriving business and engineering prosperity", as President Airbus, Tom Enders, said he had been born with the belief that there would be large centers such as Heathrow, Haneda, Frankfurt not New York, On the one hand, that airport did not grow so large and large airplane needed to take the demand and, on the other hand, more and more; promises a plane.

These two smaller models, which have been flying for less than a decade, have already made orders for their older brothers or are already doing: the A350 is a & # 39; It collects 894 orders, compared to fewer than 300 of Europe's largest aircraft and Dreamliner has 1,421 orders compared to 1,572 for Jumbo, which has been on the market since the 1970s and has 24 a & # 39; waiting for delivery.

Emirates is the last modified for smaller models that have been buying 39 A380 (36 years ago commissioning) and chose 40 A330-900 and 30 A350-900 aircraft. Not only does this decision have been trying to & # 39; The final case for the A380 program, but it's changing its strategy on its # 39; Airbus operator is a major client with 108 planes (Emirates's Airbus translates to buy the latest A380) Another blow for Airbus: Qantas is prohibiting order eight A380).

So, the company is committed to more flexible planes, which use smaller and more. Airplane licensing is just between more destinations, a commercialized approach that was installed in Europe for years, where Airbus has just sold 36 A380 and where they are smaller and less. For example, Air France impeded the last two planes of this module that has not yet been received and indicates that it does not restart half of its A380 fleet, so in 2020 it will only five. The company, which uses its & # 39; This model covers the Paris-Mexico line, on a betting decision on the Dreamliners (its seven) and the A350 (it has a copy of 21 copies).

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