The second within 5 days: another fishing claims that a shell center was closed and confirms references to Economy t

PacificBlu announced that its processing plant had closed after a board meeting. The second company that will communicate such a decision is after the changes in legislation that will control control of the major blows.

PacificBlu, the main customer in the country, will close from August his factory in Talcahuanowhen the new law is already working.

Through reporting, they told that this would happen because they confirmed this they cannot change the fleet according to new legislation, which prevents provisions from using the pot or the handline.

“Already for designed jigger dishes it is very difficult to capture these weather conditions and the size of the recession. Eventually they will be constructed by a hook, which is unworkable, and moreover, because of the technical properties of our boats, the shape of the hook, it is impossible inadvertently to operate the soil. made to be photographers, "said Marcel Moenne, general company manager

a & # 39; occupations of 400 people this situation would be affected by the company, according to the company, there were 1,100 workers involved in the highest proportion of jobs in the 2017 and 2018 season.

Tatiana Risso (RBB)
Tatiana Risso (RBB)

76 SMEs and contractors delivered services for 6 million dollars per year, also affecting PacificBlu.

Last year, exports so far have been carried out 24 million dollars when processing was 15 miles 537 tonnes of reed.

Because of the circumstances, a $ 1 million freeze is forecast to be frozen this year, contributing to a further $ 2 million made in 2015 for redesign.

This is the second company that makes mention of this type, after this week Landes said it would cease to operate its line of cut-off, which would mean 200 posts that would be lost between August last year and this year.

Tatiana Risso (RBB)
Tatiana Risso (RBB)

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