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the singer said "She prefers to be alone as badly"

Toarii Valantin responded to Daniela Castillo, who spoke to the website on the night of Youtube Divina, sure "today I'm alone but I'm right. I'm not sorry, I'm calm. I have to go through a mental process. "

The singer said "I've always been with someone. I have to spend months only. I prefer to be alone with urgent urgency." Reports that promptly responded to Toarii's response.

In conversation with Las Últimas Noticias, Valantin made sure "I do not want to reduce the link and say it was not important to me, yet I would not say that. If she's angry, It is the problem she has. I respect her, and respect her what we live. I do not understand much why he said. How poor is he that is what happened.

He said, "For a while ago we came with other friends. She disappeared from us, I do not talk to her again. The next time he asked me something and It's a proper, polite conversation. I can make sure that we are very far apart. I do not know if there is a bad wave of your. If it's saying that, its decision is there. "

The singer said he is hurting her saying she was a bad companion. "If I see that, I respect her. I can say I had a good time. It was a long time. I'm calm, this does not move the floor. I'm not going to be tough. I respect and respect my relationship, "he said.

Castillo acknowledged that he had a connection with the current member of the Red Census, but he said "we were not small. He's small, he's going through another level. I am in Another woman. I have a division, I come from other items, from worse things. "

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