The study examined the death area of ​​Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones known, among other reasons, to encourage him to kill his main characters brutally. In the series nobody is safe from burning a dragon, attacked by white walkers or something that is more common, can be killed in a breach function.

This data encouraged a team of epidemicists called Dr. Reidar Lystar is led Analyze the death and survival of important people Game of Thrones in the first six seasons of the series.

In the study called "Special death, time is not": dying and surviving in a Game of Thrones "these researchers decided of the 330 characters studied 186 deaths, which represents 56.4% of the total. In addition, most of them died in violent deaths.

According to the survey, of the characters considered, only two people died of natural causes: Aemon Targaryen and Old Tata which, compared to the remaining 184, did not suffer it anyway to burn or to & # 39; burn or get poisoning, that's the most common cause of death.

In this situation, he was determined to be the place with most of his deaths; there Game of Thrones There was, obviously, Westeros with 80.1% of deaths. There, most of the deaths were not in battle, but inside a house.

Generally, Most of his death in attacks happened (63.0%) and war operations (24.4%), the characters characters with the worst problems of people who last or not the lowest class; change their loyalty during the story or with a clearer role.

So, the researchers decided that the duration of the series is on average 28 hours and 48 minutes, but it moves between 11 seconds and 57 hours of screen. As Jaqen Hai said, "there is a definite death, there is no time."

Ultimately, the study is so clear Women, nobles or people willing to change the relationship are the characters with the best chance to do; left.

Although the survey does not only reach the sixth season, in April 2019, we can know if these statistics are in place; related to the eighteenth season and the expected weekend Game of Thrones.

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